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Airbrush Set left handed (0.25 mm & 0.66 mm)

SKU: 11641-8


The VV model is a left handed side feed detail airbrush.  The VV can achieve detail down to 1/64 inch and up to 1 inch.  A PTFE packing enables the VV to handle any water or solvent based paint.  Clean up is as simple as spraying your paint cleaner though the airbrush and wiping of the needle.  The VV can be used for many applications including hobby, automotive, illustration, graphics, nails etc.  The VV airbrush is made in the US and includes the following:  VV#1 airbrush, size 2 head, 1/4 oz metal cup, 1 oz bottle assembly, hanger, wrench, lessons booklet and manual.



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