32 oz Leisure Tan 10% DHA

SKU: 14097-0

Leisure Tan is offered in 8%, 10% & 12% DHA solutions. The 10% is our most popular and can be used by most all skin types. Our solution works with all sprayer types and results in a beautiful tan.

32 Ounces Leisure Tan Tanning Gold Solution contains 10% DHA and instant bronzer. Can be used by most skin types.

• 10-Percent DHA for most skin types
• Contains Erythrulose which when combined with DHA produces a deep dark tan that is unmatched by solutions that use DHA alone
• Erythrulose when combined with DHA produces a deep and natural skin tan without undesired streaks; Thanks to its retardation effect, Erythrulose prolongs the tan and leaves the skin less dry
• The base includes aloe vera gel together with moisturizing ingredients to assist in preventing skin dry out and subsequent loss of tan due to dry loose skin
• Contains instant bronzer for an instant tan

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Weight: 2.2 lbs
Dimensions: 10 × 3 × 3 in
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