Sensitizing Gun For Silvering & Chroming

SKU: 16428-0

The LSR-1-14 Single Head Spray Gun:

This is most often used as a Sensitizing Spray Gun in silvering or Chroming applications. The wet sections are 303 Stainless Steel which allows spraying of corrosive fluids. The sprayer can be fed by siphon bottles (USP-QT), gravity fed or pressure fed from a tank.

While the spray head supplied is 1.4 mm we also have a 2.4 mm head available which can be ordered separately.


Part Number: LSR-1-14

Type: Single Head Spray Gun
Application: Sensitizing For Chroming, Silvering Mirrors or Spraying corrosive fluids
Material: Stainless Steel Wet Section
Head Size: 1.4 mm (Optional 2.4 mm)
Air Volume: 6 CFM @ 50 PSI Minumum
Air Pressure: 50 PSI Minimum
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPT
Fluid Inlet: 3/8 NPS
Weight: 1.1 Lbs
Finish: Bright Chrome with Gold & Black Anodizing. Stainless wet section.

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