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Robert Kurtzman has been an icon in the world of special make-up, creature effects, and genre filmmaking for almost three decades. His award winning, photorealistic effects work can be seen in hundreds of movies including Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, franchises and television series.

As the director of such genre hits and fan favorites as Wishmaster, The Rage, Buried Alive, Deadly Impact, and the creator of the modern horror classic From Dusk Till Dawn, his films and amazing special effects creations have won him legions of fans around the globe.

As Co-founder the Academy Award winning K.N.B. EFX Group Inc. (Kurtzman, Nicotero, Berger), and Creature Corps he has created stunning special effects make-up and creatures for such films as;

From Dusk Till Dawn, Spy Kids 1, II, & III, Dances With Wolves, Jingle All The Way, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Rat Race, The Cell, Unbreakable, House on Haunted Hill, Spawn, Casino, The Faculty, Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness, 13 Ghosts, City Slickers, The Green Mile, The Hulk, Ghost Ship, Evolution, Bubba Ho Tep, Wyatt Earp, John Carpenter’s Vampires and In The Mouth of Madness, Stephen King’s Misery, Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report and Amistad, Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2, Wes Craven’s Scream 1, 2 , 3 and New Nightmare, Predator, Evil Dead II, From Beyond, The Hidden, Phantasm II, Night of the Creeps, Re-Animator, Wishmaster, The Rage, Buried Alive, I, Alex Cross, Fun Size, John Dies at the End, The Spirit, Hostel, Jinn, The Devil’s Rejects, Living Hell, Undead or Alive, The Dead Matter, Children of the Corn (2009), Hisss, RA-One, Bunyan, as well as the television series Hercules, Xena, Outer Limits, ER, and much, much more.

Now, Robert is opening the doors to his state-of-the-art facility and giving students first hand access to decades of genuine Hollywood experience. With classes lead by top-notch instructors with proven experience, students can get on the fast track to success in film, television, amusement, and many other creative industries. In addition, students get real world experience, working alongside respected professionals, in a fully functional film and effects studio during the course of their instruction, providing a truly unique educational experience.


Phone: 419-683-3900
Company: Kurtzman Institute of Art




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