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  • A-UC-4 A-UC-4 Carbide Needle
    $19.50 Qty
  • A-UC-4L A-UC-4L

    Carbide Needle 

    $19.50 Qty
  • AUG-7B AUG-7B Fluid Body Aseembly
    $41.00 Qty
  • A-US-0-4 A-US-0-4 Self Cleaning Needle
    $9.95 Qty
  • A-US-2-4 A-US-2-4 Self Cleaning Needle
    $9.95 Qty
  • AUS-7B AUS-7B Stainless Steel Fluid Body
    $49.00 Qty
  • AUS-7DA AUS-7DA Independent Atomizing Needle Valve Fluid Body, Stainless Steel
    $61.00 Qty
  • AUSA-7B AUSA-7B Independent Atomizing, Stainless Steel
    $65.00 Qty
  • AUT-2-7/32 AUT-2-7/32 Needle
    $7.95 Qty
  • AX-1 AX-1

    Fluid Tip for all AX type extensions.

    Size .055 inches

    $8.50 Qty
  • AX-12 AX-12 Extention Less Needle
    $78.00 Qty
  • AX-18 AX-18 Extention Less Needle
    $89.00 Qty
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Made in USA

Paasche Airbrush Company is proud to machine, assemble and test its airbrushes at its factory located in Chicago, Illinois.  There is a link above on the home page that will take you on a walk though of our company.


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