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  • SE-1 SE-1 AIRBRUSH MAKEUP BOOK BY LAURA TYLER The purpose of this book is to help the novice airbrush makeup artist understand the basics needed to become a working professional. Laura Tyler is the owner of Creature-Works and a Special Effects Make-Up artist.  Laura was born in Florida and has always carried a passion for the arts.  Enamored by film making, she decided on a career path that allowed her to pursue her passion in the Special Effects Make-Up industry.  Laura understands how important it is for a Make-Up artist to be proficient in almost every aspect of the final project.  After choosing her career path she has done nothing but apply herself to mastering her chosen craft.  Laura has worked both at home and overseas in almost all forms of special FX and airbrushing.  You also might recognize her from her appearance on the SyFy hit reality show Face Off.
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  • TSA TSA T-Shirt Airbrushing Instruction Book. T-Shirt Airbrushing Book--Learn basic airbrush care, cleaning and beginning to advanced painting techniques with a Paasche Model VL Airbrush. Application on T-Shirts, Hats, and other soft goods. Step by step instruction. Basic and Advanced techniques. Covers basic airbrush care.
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  • TTALB TTALB 22 Airbrush Lessons Book--New edition With translations in French, German and Spanish. This instructional booklet teaches the basics of Airbrush Control With easy to follow illustrated lessons using masks, Stencils and frisket paper.
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  • DVD-VL DVD-VL Double Action Airbrush Instructional DVD. Double Action Airbrush Video--This 30 minute video is designed to educate the beginning airbrush artist, clear up general misconceptions and answer the questions most often asked about airbrushing. It is designed for the Paasche VL airbrush, but also applies to other double action airbrushes. Shows how to assemble and clean the airbrush. 30 minute DVD. Instruction that apply to all applications.
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Paasche Airbrush Company is proud to machine, assemble and test its airbrushes at its factory located in Chicago, Illinois.  There is a link above on the home page that will take you on a walk though of our company.


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