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  • FP-1/32 FP-1/32 FP-1/32 Flow Pencil. The FP flow pencil similar to a fountain pen in that it flows the paint out the nib instead of spraying it. The FP is used extensively for pin striping, taxidermy, cake decorating, Special effects makeup, etc. No air source needed. Comes with 4 size nibs. Lay down fine line with no overspray. Does not use a compressor. Comes with 1/16, 1/32,1/64 and 3/64 size nibs. Optional ALP-45 pressure cup for thicker paints
    $69.50 Qty
  • FP-4P FP-4P FP-4P Flow Pencil includes our pressure cup for thicker materials.  Used extensively by Cake Artists, Bakers, and Home Bakers to decorate their Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies,etc. The Flow Pencil is easy to control and operate.



    FP flow pencil

    ALP-45 pressure cup

    1/64, 1/32, 3/64 and 1/16 size nibs





    $81.00 Qty
  • LN Nibs for Flow Pencil LN Nibs for Flow Pencil Choose Nib Size
    $5.30 Qty
  • ALP-32 ALP-32 Pressure Color Cup for FP-1/32 - This is the old style cup with famale thread)
    $24.00 Qty
  • ALP-45 ALP-45 Pressure cup for FP-1/32.  The ALP-45 has a spring loaded cover that puts pressure on your thicker fluid to assist paint flow. This is the new style with male thread.
    $24.00 Qty
  • TAL-28 TAL-28 Wrench for Talon
    $2.65 Qty

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Paasche Airbrush Company is proud to machine, assemble and test its airbrushes at its factory located in Chicago, Illinois.  There is a link above on the home page that will take you on a walk though of our company.


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