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  • DT-800F DT-800F Tanning Kit.  This system includes our 500T HVLP Tanning Spray Gun for fast coverage. The gravity feed helps with thicker solutions and allows you to spray at lower pressures for less overspray. The Tanning Gun gives a 2-6-inch spray pattern which is fully adjustable with the turn of a knob. Application time is 5 minutes or less. This kit comes complete with 500T spray gun, 4oz cup, 10-foot hose and D220R compressor with regulator. You also recieve (3) 16 ounce bottle of our Leisure Tan Solution, one each of 8%, 10% and 12%.
    $178.00 Qty
    $185.00 Qty
  • 400T 400T

    Siphon feed tanning gun.

    Delivery a 3-5 inch flat spray pattern.

    Simple to use and clean.

    $50.00 Qty
  • 500T 500T HVLP Gravity Feed The 500T is a gravity feed HVLP tanning spray gun.  The fan pattern can be adjusted from 2" tp 7" and has very little overspray.   Best results are achieved with compressors 1/6 HP or larger like the D220R or DA400R models.  Also inlcued is a 10' braided air hose.
    $72.00 Qty
  • LX-300T LX-300T

    LX-300T Quick Application Tanning Spray Gun. The Paasche LX-300T is a low pressure Tanning spray gun. It gives a flat 5-6 Inch pattern for quick even application. Application time is reduced to 5 minutes or less. It can be used with the Paasche D220R, DA400R, DC600R or DC750R compressors. If you already have a compressor it must be 1/4 HP or larger.

    For cleaning just spray hot water through the tanning gun.

    $115.00 Qty
  • D100H D100H

    Tanning Kit. This new Tanning Kit is perfect for home tanning use.It is supplied With the D500 Compressor, H model Airbrush,(2) 3 ounce Bottles, 8 foot Hose and 16oz Leisure Tan.

    $185.00 Qty
  • TA-1S TA-1S Airbrush Tanning Set.  Paasche's Tanning Airbrush Set is packed With the single action HS model Airbrush, (2) 3 ounce Plastic Bottles, (1)10 foot braided Hose and instructions.The HS model features a special Locknut, which allows the solution Bottle to Lock onto the brush.This prevents the Bottle from falling off the Airbrush while in use.Simply spraying cleaner through the brush is enough for Cleaning.
    $53.00 Qty
  • KRS-33 KRS-33

    6 Ounce Bottle assembly with cover and connection for 300T-000 & 400T Tanning Guns.

    $18.95 Qty
  • KRS-33 KRS-33

    6 Ounce Bottle assembly with cover and connection for 300T-000 & 400T Tanning Guns.

    $18.95 Qty

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Paasche Airbrush Company is proud to machine, assemble and test its airbrushes at its factory located in Chicago, Illinois.  There is a link above on the home page that will take you on a walk though of our company.


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