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  • UPS-1 UPS-1 Manual Striper L/Nib
    $124.00 Qty
  • UTS UTS Manual Striper L/Nib
    $99.00 Qty
  • 43SCJ 43SCJ 3 ounce Siphon Container for model AU, A-AU, AUT, 200A or A-JU series.Has 1/4NPT Fitting.
    $13.50 Qty
  • 27SC 27SC 3oz Gravity Container for model AU, AUT, A-AU or A-JU.Has 1/4 NPT Fitting.
    $13.50 Qty
  • 28SC 28SC 8oz Gravity Container for model AU, AUT, A-AU or A-JU.Has 1/4 NPT Fitting.
    $29.00 Qty
  • AUFB Spray Guns AUFB Spray Guns Choose Head Size   Manual Spray Gun
    $134.00 Qty
  • LXS-X3 LXS-X3

    The LXS-X3 Spray Gun with 3 Inch Extension:

    The LXS-X3 is installed with a 3 inch extension and 360 degree aircap.  You will need 1/2 inch clearance to enter the item you are spraying.  The 360 degree aircap will spray the sides as you push in or pull out of the cavity.  For different spray patterns the aircap can be changed to the following:

    AXIB (spherical), AXIF (straight fan), AXIF-45 (45 degree fan), AXIF-90 (90 degree fan), AXR (straight round),

    AXIR-15 (15 degree spray backwards)

    Must be pressure fed from a pressure tank.  See PT-25 pressure tank or PT-64 pressure cup if needed.


    Part Number:      LXS-X3

    Type:                    Extension Spray Gun

    Head Size:           .055 or 1.4mm

    Air Volume:         4-8 CFM

    Air Pressure:       45 PSI or more

    Fluid Pressure:    Up to 30-40 PSI

    Fluid Inlet:            3/8" NPS            

    Air Inlet:               ¼” NPT

    Spray Pattern:    Determined by aircap used

    $199.00 Qty
  • DT-800F DT-800F Tanning Kit.  This system includes our 500T HVLP Tanning Spray Gun for fast coverage. The gravity feed helps with thicker solutions and allows you to spray at lower pressures for less overspray. The Tanning Gun gives a 2-6-inch spray pattern which is fully adjustable with the turn of a knob. Application time is 5 minutes or less. This kit comes complete with 500T spray gun, 4oz cup, 10-foot hose and D220R compressor with regulator. You also recieve (3) 16 ounce bottle of our Leisure Tan Solution, one each of 8%, 10% and 12%.
    $178.00 Qty
  • HG-1 HG-1

    3 Ounce gravity cup for LMG spray gun.

    $6.00 Qty
  • KRG-16 KRG-16 Gravity Cup 600CC
    $9.00 Qty
  • LM-100 LM-100

    4 Ounce gravity cup for LMG spray gun.

    $9.00 Qty
  • AUTF Spray Guns AUTF Spray Guns Choose Head Size   Manual Spray Gun
    $119.00 Qty
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