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  • EBF-10-E1

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    Product Code:02661414667-5

    Manufacturer Part NO:EBF-10-E1

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    10' Bench Spray Booth

    Working Dimensions: 10'4"W x 2'6D x 2'H
    Over All Dimensions: 10'4"W x 3'2"D x 5'8"H


    The Booth Includes:
    18 inch Fan with Sparkless Aluminum Blade, 2,420 CFM
    1/3 H.P. Exp. Proof Motor 115/230 Volt
    Belt Guard
    Draft Gauge
    Two Sets of Paint Filters
    Full set of assembly instructions and hardware
    Conforms to OSHA, NFPA and EPA Regulations
    Booth must be assembled and hardwired (switch to be supplied by electrician)


    Optional Items:
    AG-12                              Case of 50 Filters
    BE-54-18                          Duct Flange (Recommended for all booths)
    A-18                                3 FootSection of Duct
    AD-18                              3 Foot Section of Duct with Clean Out Door
    B-1/2-18                           90 Degree Elbow
    EF-18                               Flat Roof Flange (Roof)
    WC-18                             Weather Canopy / Damper (Roof)
    S-18                                 Wall Shutter (Side Wall)

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    Price: $2,195.00 Choose Addition or Option:
    A-18 A-18 3 foot section of 18 Inch straight duct
    $39.50 Qty
    AD-18 AD-18 3 foot section of 18 Inch straight duct With door
    $122.00 Qty
    AG-20 AG-20

    20 X 20 X 2 Fiberglass Pant Filters (Case of 50)

     For FABSF & FABF style booths

    $59.00 Qty
    WC-18 WC-18 18 Inch Weather canopy & damper
    $305.00 Qty
    EF-18 EF-18 Galvanized Flat Roof Flange.18 Inch flat roof flange
    $385.00 Qty
    BE-54-18 BE-54-18 18 Inch Vent ring
    $36.00 Qty
    B-1/2-18 B-1/2-18 18 Inch 90 degree Elbow
    $69.00 Qty
    S-18 S-18 18" Auto. Shutter W/Adapter
    $195.00 Qty

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