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  • HSSB-22-16 HSSB-22-16

    HSSB-22-16 Hobby / Art Spray Booth:

    Hobby Spray Booth 22-Inch Wide by 16-Inch High. Hobby-Shop Spray Booth---Rugged, compact in size and easy to assemble. This portable booth features galvanized metal panels for easy cleaning and durability. Working dimensions are 22 Inch wide by 16 Inch high, perfect for all you hobby and craft spraying.  The paint filter captures your paint particulate and your carbon filter fill assists with fumes and odor removal.  Both filters are easily replaced.  If necessary, wear goggles and/or protective paint and vapor mask.

    Working Dimensions: 22"W x 20"D x 16"H

    Booth Includes:
    (1) 6" Exhaust Fans
    (1) Duct Adapter (use 4" dryer duct for exhausting)
    (1) 6' Power Cord
    (1) Fiber Glass Paint Filter
    (1) Carbon Filter
    Assembly instructions and hardware

    Air Flow: 270 CFM
    Noise: 47 dbs
    Materials: Galvanized Metal Panels
    Optional Items:
    AG-8-2 Fiber glass paint filter (Pack of 2)
    CHAR-8   Carbon Filter (1)
    $385.00 Qty
  • V-1/8-OZ V-1/8-OZ Metal Color Cup
    $5.70 Qty
  • AEX-5-240 AEX-5-240

    240 grit aluminum oxide abrasive.  This is the standard size that comes with the AEC-K.  We have added a 400 grit so we changed the part number from AEX-5 to AEX-5-240.  This is the largest grit size that can be used with the AEC model.  The AECR and LAC can go slightly larger.

    $24.00 Qty
  • AEX-5-400 AEX-5-400

    400 grit aluminum oxide abrasive.  Due to its smaller size it flows easier through the AEC, AECR & ER-1S etchers and leaves a smoother finish.  Less clogging due to the grit size.

    $31.50 Qty
  • HB-16-13 HB-16-13 HSSB-16-13 Hobby Spray Booth 16-Inch Wide by 13-Inch High. Compact in size and easy to assemble. Working dimensions are 16.5"W x 13.5"H x 19"D, perfect for small ceramics to Radio Control Models. Equipped with 115 Volt fan. Uses a fiberglass filter system. It is intended to remove larger particles from the air. Not intended for use with hazardous materials, flammable or explosive paints or materials. If necessary, wear goggles and/or protective paint and vapor mask. 4" dryer duct adapter included. Two booth can be combined in to one larger model. Two units can be combined into larger unit. Comes with exhaust hook up. Fan included. Noise level 47 Dbs
    $149.00 Qty
  • HL-3/16-12IN HL-3/16-12IN

    12" braided air hose for F810 & F830 Units

    $9.75 Qty
  • V-1/4-OZ V-1/4-OZ 1/4 Ounce Metal Cup For V Airbrush. 1/4 oz. metal color cup for V airbrush Fits Paasche V model. tapered fit for secure connection. Made in the USA.
    $8.95 Qty
  • AEX-6 AEX-6 6 oz. Fast Cutting Compound-Aluminum Oxide.
    $5.50 Qty
  • AG-8-2 AG-8-2 Paint Filters For HSSB Booths. Paint filter for Paasche HSSB style booth (pack of 2). Fiber glass paint filter for HSSB spray booths. Should be changed regularly. Made in the USA.
    $5.95 Qty
  • DA400R DA400R

    The DA400R dual piston airbrush compressor is perfect for any hobby or artist airbrush.  The maximum operating pressure will be about 40-60 PSI depending on airbrush being used.  The DA400R is light weight and easily mobile and best of all quiet.  The auto shutoff feature turn the compressor off when the airbrush is not being triggered to increase compressor life.  Included with the compressor is a 1/8"BPS adaptor for competitor hoses.

             The compressor features include:

    • 1/4 HP dual piston compressor
    • Delivers up to 40-60 PSI depending on airbrush being used
    • Standard Paassche 1/4"NPT hose fitting
    • 1/8" BPS hose adaptor for competitor hoses
    • Auto shutoff feature
    • Carrying handle
    • Quiet:  noise level is 52 Db's
    • Includes 1 year warranty from date of purchase
    $209.00 Qty
  • TSA TSA T-Shirt Airbrushing Instruction Book. T-Shirt Airbrushing Book--Learn basic airbrush care, cleaning and beginning to advanced painting techniques with a Paasche Model VL Airbrush. Application on T-Shirts, Hats, and other soft goods. Step by step instruction. Basic and Advanced techniques. Covers basic airbrush care.
    $9.50 Qty
  • AE-2 AE-2 2 lb. of Medium Cutting Compound
    $17.00 Qty
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