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  • XT-16 XT-16 16 ounces (480ml) of Extreme Air Transparent Base. Thickens reduced paints while leaving the transparency level unchanged. Can be added to all types of Extreme Air paints Use does not effect shelf life of paint
    $18.90 Qty
  • HG-08 HG-08


    The HG-08 Gravity Fed HVLP Touchup Gun:

    Light weight, easy to control, perfect for touchup and smaller detail work.

    Adjustable to achieve round and flat spray patterns.


    Get a superior finish while saving paint.

    HVLP spray guns apply paint with less force which reduces both overspray and paint bounce from the surface.

    Both the fluid tip and needle are stainless steel allowing the use of water based materials


    Part Number:      HG-08

    Type:                    HVLP Gravity Feed

    Head Size:           .8mm

    Air Volume:         1.5-4 CFM

    Air Pressure:       30-45 PSI            

    Air Inlet:               ¼” NPT

    Bottle size:          Aluminum 3 Ounce Cup

    Spray Pattern:    1/2” to 7”

    Weight:                .65 Lbs

    Finish:                   Blue

    $57.00 Qty
  • HG-10-05 HG-10-05

    .5 mm Nozzle For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $8.00 Qty
  • HG-10-08 HG-10-08

    .8 mm Nozzle For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $8.00 Qty
  • HG-10-10 HG-10-10

    1 mm Nozzle For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $8.00 Qty
  • HG-11-05 HG-11-05

    .5 mm Needle For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $9.50 Qty
  • HG-11-08 HG-11-08

    .8mm Needle For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $9.50 Qty
  • HG-11-10 HG-11-10

    1 mm Needle For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $9.50 Qty
  • HG-15-08 HG-15-08

    Detail aircap for .08 HG head.  Also allows stippling.

    $9.00 Qty
  • HG-17

    Seal Gasket.

    $4.00 Qty
  • HG-9-05 HG-9-05

    .5 mm Aircap For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $9.00 Qty
  • HG-9-08 HG-9-08

    .8 mm Aircap For HG-08 Spray Gun

    $9.00 Qty
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