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  • AEC-K

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    Product Code:02661400019-9

    Manufacturer Part NO:AEC-K

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    Air Eraser Kit can be used anywhere an abrasive is required to delicately erase; such as decorative etching on glass. Can also be used by the professional technician, manufacturer, hobbyist or for dental lab work, erasing color, and removing rust.  Airbrush pressure required will be 20-70 PSI.  minimum compressor size recommended is 1/3 HP.
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    Price: $83.00 Choose Addition or Option:
    AEC-34 AEC-34 Carbide Tip For AEC. Tip with carbide insert for Paasche AEC. Recommended spare part for Paasche AEC. Carbide insert in tip for longer life. Made in the USA.
    $7.50 Qty
    AEX-5-240 AEX-5-240

    240 grit aluminum oxide abrasive.  This is the standard size that comes with the AEC-K.  We have added a 400 grit so we changed the part number from AEX-5 to AEX-5-240.  This is the largest grit size that can be used with the AEC model.  The AECR and LAC can go slightly larger.

    $24.00 Qty
    $12.50 Qty
    AEX-5-400 AEX-5-400

    400 grit aluminum oxide abrasive.  Due to its smaller size it flows easier through the AEC, AECR & ER-1S etchers and leaves a smoother finish.  Less clogging due to the grit size.

    $31.50 Qty

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