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Stuart Smith


     Stuart Smith of Stuartizm Designs, LLC is a top UV and 3D artist, specializing in the Haunted and Entertainment Industries.  Stuart has been airbrushing for 17 years, and is known around the country and around the world for his intelligent 3D!  He has used Paasche airbrushing equipment from the very beginning.  He enjoys the craftmanship, durability, and low price of Paasche Airbrush Companie's products.  He has covered millions of square feet with his amazing imagery.  He is married, with three children, the oldest of which manages his store in Mackinaw City, MI where he sells his artwork and skulls.  In 2012, he did 3D artwork for his wife's children story, Patch and Gourdy's Trick or Treating Adventure in 3D, which is inside their store called SKAZM Gifts.


    If you have some ChromaDepth 3D glasses you will be able to see a sample of what Stuarts artwork looks like.  They will work on his pictures on this web site as well as the material on the Youtube link.


Company: Stuartizm Designs, LLC




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